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Arts and Entertainment - The Online Community of Jewish Professionals - Monday, November 18, 2002 - S. Dimbert

I know that this is old news but, like NBC reruns, it's new to you! Etan G (AKA Etan Goldman) has released his first solo album, The South Side of the Synagogue. From the bio on his website:

Through his experience with Shlock Rock, their international success and his various jobs with Jewish children, Etan G began to appreciate the huge influence rap has on kids.

What he did not like was the way in which kids embraced the negative values embodied by some of rap's most popular personalities, particularly those who promoted drugs and violence. Etan G discovered that he could use music and his rapping skills to unify people and create a positive community - where it is cool to be yourself and have fun. This vision is what drives Etan G's solo work, including his new album release, South Side of the Synagogue.

I've met Etan - he's positively electric. He's full of spirit, nerve and attitude and in addition (or despite?) all of that, he manages to always present a positive Jewish image. He's truly one-of-a-kind.

If you want, you can get his album at either website. Or you can just learn more about him. There's a ton of information there, including lyrics, sound clips and pictures as well as video of him on Howard Stern and a hilarious appearance on the Chabad Telethon.